Why Honors?


Being an Honors Student Means:

  • Attending Honors designated interdisciplinary courses that fulfill your General Education requirements and are designed to be provocative, interesting, and stimulating

  • Access and exposure to many of WAU’s finest professors

  • Participating in smaller classes, as Honors courses will normally consist of 15 or fewer people, allowing the opportunity for more in-depth discussions and to make social connections with fellow honors students

  • Learning through activities such as study tours, concerts, plays, and exhibits while fulfilling General Education requirements

  • Conducting research and attending presentations at national institutions within the Washington, D.C., area

  • Engaging in a learning environment comprised of motivated and thoughtful students

  • The opportunity to develop an Honors project or thesis, thus enhancing professional opportunities or admission to graduate or professional schools

  • Challenging yourself to grow as a person through leadership and service