Washington Adventist University Honors Conference

November 11-12, 2017

About the Honors Conference

The Honors Conference at Washington Adventist University is an opportunity to showcase the excellent academic work by students at the secondary level, and to recognize the quality and value of the education they have received at their respective academies and high schools.

Students who are accepted to participate in the Honors Conference will be able to:

  • Travel to the nation’s capital as delegates for their schools.
  • Present their papers in 15 minute oral presentations.
  • Receive college-level feedback and suggestions for improvement from content experts.
  • Network with fellow students and faculty in areas of interest.
  • Accept Honors scholarships from Washington Adventist University.


To be considered for participation, students must be Juniors or Seniors at the secondary level with a minimum overall GPA of 3.4.  Students who do not meet this standard, but who are felt by recommending institutions to merit special consideration, may still be considered with accompanying rationale. 

Call for Papers

The WAU Honors Conference shall accept papers and presentations in the following five subject areas for Fall 2017:

  • Biology and Chemistry
  • English (Literature)
  • History and Political Studies
  • Modern Languages (French or Spanish)
  • Religion

All subject areas shall accept for review papers 1000-1500 words in length.  Students whose papers that have been approved for presentation in the conference shall have to prepare a 15 minute presentation in front of a panel of professors in the project's relevant discipline.  Unless otherwise indicated, students may use either MLA or APA formatting standards and submit papers on any topic of their choosing.  All papers and projects must adhere to the following rubrics:

WAU Honors High School Conference Paper Rubric

WAU Honors High School Conference Presentation Rubric


Modern Language entries shall require a 1000-1500 word paper and a 15 minute presentation in French or Spanish (provided the presenter is not a native speaker of the language in which he or she is presenting) on a current event or cultural aspect of any French or Spanish speaking country.  If the student is a native speaker of French or Spanish, then the paper and presentation must be given in English.  All Modern Language applicants must be submit as part of their application a 2 minute video in the language chosen for their presentation (see "How to Apply).

Biology and Chemistry papers must also (in addition to complying with the above rubrics) adhere to the following topic and format guidelines: 

Biology and Chemistry Paper Parameters

How to Apply

Once a student's paper is recommended by an instructor in the relevant discipline, the following form must be filled out and submitted by the instructor on behalf of the students:

Honors Conference Registration Form

Along with basic information, the paper or proposal under consideration can be cut-and-pasted into the document for submission (for Modern Language submissions, a separate 2 minute video by the student introducing their topic in French or Spanish must be submitted to wauhonors@gmail.com). 

Submission and Conference Timeline

October 18: Deadline for Honors Conference submissions

October 18-25:  Submissions are evaluated by the respective academic departments
October 25:  Results of the evaluation are communicated to the applicants
November 1:  Deadline for participants to register for the event on November 11 & 12
November 11:  Delegates and sponsors arrive at the conference on Saturday evening
November 12:  The Honors Conference presentations

Questions and Accommodation Requests

Any questions regarding the conference timeline, submission process, or requests for lodging and accommodations for admitted students and sponsors may be sent to Alexa Minesinger, the Honors College Assistant Director (honorscollege@wau.edu), or Adam Buttrick, the Honors Academy Liaison (wauhonorsliaison@gmail.com).