Steev Yovan, Senior Biology major.

"The Honors Program has challenged me academically and socially. The courses often present me with experiences and materials that are unfamiliar to me. Recently I took a rigorous Constitutional Law course that offered a completely different vantage point from the courses I have taken studying science – talk about two different mindsets! This was one of the most difficult courses I have taken in college, and also one of the most enriching. The interactions I have had with students and teachers from different disciplines have been priceless. For me, Honors combines cool people, outside-of-the-box academics, and a focus on God. It doesn't get better than this!"

Grace Shinn, Senior Music Major with Pre-Dental Emphasis.

"When I was a bewildered freshman, the Honors community gave me a network, direction, and access to enriching experiences. Honors has taken me to see my first Nutcracker ballet (for free!), has shown me around the world in my Food and Culture class, and has encouraged me to give back to the community through service projects."

Tyson Shaw, first Student President of the Honors Program

"The WAU Honors Program was the best part of my educational experience. The Program's intimate cohort-based learning community, created by pairing highly motivated students with in-demand professors, introduced me to lifelong friends and kindled enduring academic interests. The Honors curriculum's cross-disciplinary focus ensured that I was exposed to a diversity of student perspectives from fields of study across the University's campus. Perhaps most importantly, the Honors Program encouraged campus-wide engagement with the arts, an initiative that the entire school body appreciated."